Aimee Brown

Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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'An easy five stars from me. Funny, warm, relatable, romantic. I absolutely loved it.' Sandy BarkerBerkley Kaine was lucky enough to meet her perfect man at a young age.Blissfully in love, she's about to graduate college, take on her dream job, and has never been more optimistic for the future.Will Adler has been in love with Berkley Kaine since the moment he laid eyes on her.But ever since they became a couple, Will and Berkley have had to contend with his influential, richer-than-rich socialite family who have never thought Berkley is good enough. Determined to drive the young lovers apart, Will's family reveal the secret he's yet to find a way to tell her - he's signed on with his brother to be a part of a reality TV show called PDX Royals, as apparently, money is all it takes to be 'royalty' in America.Can Berkley forgive Will for lying?Can the couple survive the pressure of Will's crazy family, his constant bad decisions, and a TV show they never expected to blow up the way it did?Can first love ever become forever love?Enjoy Aimee Brown's steamy-as-hell, laugh-out-loud rom com and find out if Will and Berkley get their happily-ever-after. The perfect novel for all fans of Sariah Wilson, Lindsey Kelk and Abby Jiminez.Readers love Aimee Brown:'The writing of Aimee Brown positively sparkles. It's not a traditional romcom, but it's deeply romantic and often very, very funny.''Oh, how I loved this book! Aimee Brown has a supreme talent for writing beautifully flawed, authentically funny characters. This opposites-attract story stole my heart and since closing the book I haven't stopped thinking about the characters.''This is such an easy read and the well written characters make you root for them from the very start. The chemistry is brilliant and the extra characters and connections are perfectly pitched too. I am eagerly awaiting the next book and new adventures.''Aimee Brown combines humour, pathos, warmth and sensuality in an irresistible romantic tale that ticks all the right boxes: Love Notes. A funny, heartwarming and enjoyable page-turner about second chances, letting go of the past and forging forward into the future, Love Notes is a terrific romantic tale guaranteed to leave readers everywhere wanting more.''Oh my goodness this book, I absolutely loved it. Brother's best friend is one of my favourite tropes and this book hits everything I hoped it would... Aimee Brown is now one of my favourite authors.''Aimee Brown brought tears to my eyes with this one... You will laugh, cry, and cheer them both on while reading her newest romance. She is a true talent and I love her books!'
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