Leonie Mack

Snow Days With You - A BRAND NEW perfect uplifting winter romance from Leonie Mack for 2023

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'I love Leonie's books - so romantic!' Sandy Barker When Luna Rowntree gets an unexpected and life-changing legacy from a man she's never met, she's determined to find out why - even if it is Christmas Day and her family are expecting her.So, with only her mother's ashes for company - it's a long story, but Luna knows her mother would have wanted to come on the adventure too - Luna sets off in her trusty Astra to the skiing resort in Chamonix, where her mysterious benefactor had lived.But her little car isn't designed for driving through snow-covered mountains, and when she runs out of fuel heart-breakingly close to Chamonix, Luna is relieved to be saved by her very own knight-in-shining armour. Well, knight in mountain rescue uniform anyway.Yannick is charmed if baffled by Luna's mission, and before he knows it, he has agreed to help. But Yannick has his own secrets calling him from the mountains, and his own reasons to run away. As he helps Luna understand her past he realises he has to face his as well if he's ever going to risk opening his heart to love. Curl up with Leonie Mack's new winter romance. Perfect for fans of Mandy Baggot, Jo Thomas and Sarah Morgan. 'I love her beautiful settings and brooding heroes!' Sarah Bennett What readers are saying about Leonie Mack: 'A massive hug of a book. If you're a fan of writers such as Mandy Baggot, Portia Macintosh, Heidi Swain then you will love Leonie Mack!' 'I was so excited to read this beautiful story and Leonie didn't let me down at all, I hooked from the very beginning, I adore Leonie's writing so much and her characters are just so relatable, I just connect with them so easily, it's like making new friends or catching up with old ones.' 'The author has such a fabulous ability to create characters who are so real, one can actually almost touch them. In addition, she can evoke the landscape and culture of whichever area she sets her characters to work. I really want to go and visit the places she describes in all her books - they become so very real and vivid.' 'I've enjoyed every book the author has written - but this one really was particularly special. If you enjoy the same books that I do, it's a romance to remember that I'd highly recommend you add to your summer reading list, and promise you won't be disappointed.'
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