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Meet Me In Central Park - A BRAND NEW perfect, feel-good, festive romance from TOP 10 BESTSELLER Jo Bartlett for 2023

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Take a trip to the most magical city this Christmas with bestselling author Jo Bartlett.Will their Christmas wish come true?Libby Cooper hasn't celebrated Christmas since the night her parents died in a terrible accident. She wants to forget that the season of goodwill even exists; but her grandmother has other ideas. It's time for Libby to start living her life just as her parents would have wanted her to do. First stop New York!What better way to immerse herself in the celebrations, than working in her great aunt's Christmas shop, just a few blocks from Central Park? Making new friends in the Big Apple is the easy bit, but leaving the past behind proves much harder than Libby imagined. Long walks in gorgeous Central Park help, and here she meets Harry Stanwick, a Central Park Ranger. Harry seems to know instinctively when Libby wants to talk or when she just needs to sit quietly on their special bench with him by her side.Slowly, Libby begins to feel some of the pain of her past slipping away. And as New York begins to work its magic and her friendship with Harry grows, so too do Libby's feelings for him. But can she ever be truly happy without the people who matter the most to her? Or can Harry convince Libby that she deserves her own Christmas miracle -and her chance of happiness - sitting with him on their bench in Central Park? From Jo Bartlett, the bestselling author of The Cornish Midwives Series, perfect for fans of Jessica Redland, Holly Martin and Christie Barlow. Readers love Jo Bartlett! 'Stunning setting, wonderful characters, and oozing with warmth. A triumph from Jo Bartlett.' Jessica Redland 'Once again a lovely read. Characters were good and it felt like you were there with them. It's a book I couldn't put down. Can't wait for the next one' 'A lovely story with big surprises. I was hooked from the start' 'This title was previously published as The Christmas Shop at Central Park
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