Aimee Brown

Stuck With You - A BRAND NEW friends-to-lovers romantic comedy from Aimee Brown for summer 2023

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Swoony, touching, and so entertaining, Aimee Brown hit this one out of the park.' Jacquelyn MiddletonJade Monroe has finally found the man of her dreams. Or has she? Despite them being newly engaged, her fiancé Conner has suddenly gone radio silent. And even though her family are all giving her the same advice, (he's just not that into you) she's not convinced.River Matthews has always been his authentic self, without apologies. Honest to a fault, light-hearted and a little lonely. Currently he's the last single standing in his group of friends and he's starting to feel his clock ticking. He's got close to happily-ever-after before, but now it's once-bitten-twice-shy, and the only way he's going to find love is if he takes a chance.The wisdom goes that if you just stop looking, your perfect partner will appear, but who will be there when Jade and River stop searching for 'the one'?Sexy, sassy and downright irresistible, the brand-new friends-to-lovers romance perfect for fans of Sariah Wilson, Lindsey Kelk and Abby Jiminez.What readers are saying about Aimee Brown:'Oh, how I loved this book! Aimee Brown has a supreme talent for writing beautifully flawed, authentically funny characters. This opposites-attract story stole my heart and since closing the book I haven't stopped thinking about the characters. A true gem, and my favorite read of the year.''Stories like this are why I love reading romance. This would translate well to film. Do you hear me Netflix gods?''This book has everything. It's sexy, heartfelt, and packed with sarcasm - a modern twist on the classic boy next-door romantic comedy that will have you giggling from page to page.''You will laugh, cry, and cheer them both on while reading her newest romance. She is a true talent and I love her books!'
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