Jill Steeples

Primrose Woods - Book 3 - Dreams Come True at Primrose Hall

Escape to Primrose Woods and fall in love with Dreams Come True at Primrose Hall, a heartwarming romance by Jill Steeples.

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'A gorgeous setting and wonderful characters, just the loveliest place to cosy up and escape to.' Beth Moran Pia Temple has always had a soft spot for Jackson Moody following a passionate teenage love affair that burnt out over one long summer, more than ten years ago. First loves can be hard to forget, and the devastatingly gorgeous Jackson, is harder to forget than most. After putting aside her ambitions while she cared for her parents, it is finally time for Pia to think about herself. So, when she's offered the perfect job running the social calendar at Primrose Hall, with a dreamy flat included, how can she refuse? There's only one problem... The new owner of the refurbished seventeenth-century manor house set in the idyllic Primrose Woods, is none other than Jackson, the man she's thought about every day for years. In a whirl of weddings and craft fairs, literary festivals and tea parties, Pia blossoms in her new role. But with the delectable Jackson a daily distraction, maybe this isn't the dream job after all - especially when Jackson's unfeasibly beautiful ex-girlfriend Tara, comes back to visit the hall... Dreams Come True at Primrose Hall is the perfect feel-good love story to brighten even the darkest day. Just right for fans of Cathy Bramley, Heidi Swain and Julie Houston. What readers say about Jill Steeples: 'Jill Steeples skilfully weaves together the contrasting lives of these three likeable women. I soon found myself rooting for each of their journeys and I loved the beautiful setting of Primrose Woods. Romantic, feel-good and heartwarming, I loved it!' 'This book was wonderful and heartwarming and a lovely romance featuring friendships and second chances. I also fell in love with the setting of Primrose Woods. The descriptions had me wanting to go and visit there. Starting Over at Primrose Woods was a wonderful, uplifting book that left me with a warm and happy feeling.' 'After finishing reading this book I felt like I had had a hug from a mug of hot chocolate - I was left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.' 'If you are after a heart-warming and uplifting story, with side orders of romance, enchanting backdrops and loveable characters... Then I HIGHLY recommend reading Jill Steeples!'
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7 hours 35 minutes
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