Clare Swatman

The Lost Letters of Evelyn Wright

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'Utterly believable, charming and immersive. Highly recommended.'F.L. EverettStarting over can be hard to do...So when mum of two Beth moves out of her beloved marital home and into an unloved and unkempt cottage, she can't help but feel demoralised. Faced with months of DIY and dust, her children Jacob and Olivia aren't impressed either. But when Beth finds a box of letters while she's clearing out the children's room, things start to look up.The correspondence is decades old, between agony aunt Evelyn and those in need of solace. Intrigued as to why the letters have been kept safe all these years, Beth can't resist reading them, and as the wisdom and kindness of Evelyn falls off the pages, so Beth starts to feel she has a friend and champion in this woman she has never met.Good advice doesn't age, and as life starts to look brighter, Beth begins to wonder if she could track down Evelyn and thank her for her help. But as Beth uncovers more about Evelyn's story, it becomes clear that everything is not as it seems. And now Beth is determined to bring peace to Evelyn as she has to her.A spell-binding, heart-warming story of friendship, love and being brave enough to be yourself.Praise for Clare Swatman:'Utterly believable, charming and immersive, full of acute emotional insights and truths, this is a novel every women will identify with. Highly recommended.' F.L. Everett'It was so easy to get absorbed into the world Clare Swatman has created for Beth. I felt her losses and disappointments acutely, which only made the ending more satisfying. It really kept me guessing, too.' Laura Pearson'Warm, immersive and hugely relatable, The Lost Letters of Evelyn Wright really tugged at my heartstrings. I galloped through this story of friendship, motherhood and love in all its forms in two days, and I'll miss Beth and the characters she gathers around her as she navigates her new life after heartbreak.' Lisa Timoney'A sensitive, touching story with emotional depth and page-turning quality' Helen Rolfe'I loved The Night We First Met by Clare Swatman. Warm, romantic and wonderfully written, it's an emotional and thought-provoking read with such relatable characters.' Debbie Howells'The Night We First Met is a beautiful love story that vividly evokes time and place, transporting the reader... and leaves you rooting for everyone who is brave enough to follow their heart and not their head.' Victoria Scott'Heart-breaking and life-affirming in equal measures, Before We Grow Old is the tender story of a chance meeting between former childhood sweethearts Fran and Will, and is packed with secrets and revelations. Through her beautiful writing, Clare Swatman delivers a powerful lesson in learning to love with your whole heart and accepting the same, no matter what life throws at you.' Sarah Bennett'Irresistible... A delightfully bittersweet story that will appeal to fans of One Day' - Sunday Mirror'The Night We First Met is a breathless story of enduring love that will fill your heart and give you hope.' Laura Kemp'The Night We First Met is such a special book, filled with broken and relatable characters, who you can't help but love. Just Gorgeous!' Emma Cooper'The Night We First Met is a gorgeously romantic, sliding doors love story about how The One will find you in the end.' Katy ReganReaders love Clare Swatman:'I've enjoyed all of Clare's books, but this one I just couldn't put down. I was hooked from the first page.''Another amazing read from Clare x another must read from her! You can't wait to get to the bed.''I really enjoyed this book, a real page turner. Great characters in a brilliant mystery story. Worthy of a book club, I wish I had someone to discuss it with!!''Clare Swatman weaves a beautiful tale that grips you from the first page, leaves you wanting to travel on this journey and ultimately tells a beautiful story. I heartily recommend this book, I loved her style of writing and will be reading more from this author.''This is another great, page-turner from Clare Swatman. A really enjoyable read, as are all her books. The characters are believable and you are rooting for Laura right from the off. The book does not disappoint, give it a go. A great summer holiday read.'
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