Biba Pearce

Detective Rob Miller Mysteries - An absolutely gripping crime mystery with a massive twist - Book 7 - The Marlow Murders

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FULL OF TWISTS AND TURNS, A HEARTSTOPPING MYSTERY FROM YOUR NEW CRIME FICTION OBSESSION: BIBA PEARCE. Debby Morris, mother of two, goes to a Christmas party at historic Hollyhock Manor in Marlow, and never comes home. A MISSING MOTHER. Her phone, handbag and Santa's elf hat are found in a park near the River Thames. The police issue a nationwide search, but Debby is nowhere to be found. Three weeks later, Debby's body, still in her elf costume, is discovered five miles downstream from where she disappeared. A DETECTIVE ON THE BRINK. Detective Rob Miller is pulled from compassionate leave and put in charge. He's still reeling from his last botched case, and he knows all eyes are on him - waiting to see if he'll crack. Meanwhile, another body is found with their throat slashed . . . and a link is discovered between the two cases that changes everything. A RACE AGAINST TIME TO STOP A KILLER. Rob and his team will need to pull out all the stops to catch a twisted killer before anyone else dies. AN UNSTOPPABLE CRIME MYSTERY THAT YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO PUT DOWN. This gripping page-turner is perfect for fans of Helen H. Durrant, Mick Herron, Joy Ellis, Angela Marsons, Rachel McLean, Alex Smith and J.M. Dalgliesh. MEET THE DETECTIVE DI ROB MILLER An ambitious young detective gunning for promotion. He will do anything for his job, but can he also keep his personal life under control? His fourteen-month-old son is still keeping him up at night, but at least he has his dog. THE SETTING The Murder Investigation Team is based out of leafy Putney, with its overgrown often-flooded riverbanks. One way the river Thames leads into central London, the other out into the countryside. It's an idyllic setting that masks a criminal underworld.
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