Debbie Howells

The Last Days of You and Me

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They didn't know - when Winter gave way to Spring that year - that their lives were all about to change...Marnie didn't realise - when she stormed into a bookshop one day, demanding a self-help book - that she was about to make a new best friend.Bookshop-owner Rae didn't know she had been living like a shadow since her parents died. But then Marnie exploded into her life. And suddenly she realised things had to change... more so when she meets handsome nurse, Jack.And when Forrest's life is turned upside down by a fatal car crash, he knew he was being given a second chance, but didn't know why. He thinks Marnie might just be the woman he's destined to be with. But - as she discovers that she has an illness she may never recover from - what if it's too late for them?Can it ever be too late though? To make friendships that change everything. To grow, to change, to start again. Even - for two unlikely new best friends to find love at last...?The Last Days of You and Me is a heartbreaking, uplifting, magical story about friendship, love and above all what it means to truly live. Perfect for fans of Me Before You, Love Actually and One Day.
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