Lilli Höch-Corona

King Archibald and the Gefühlsmonsters - Little colourful creatures that no one has ever seen

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In my introduction to the fairy tale, I describe examples from my work as an organizational consultant. What harmful consequences it has on employees when the manager is not aware of his or her effect on others and is not capable of criticism. And that a respectful and non-judgmental attitude on the part of the consultant is the prerequisite for initiating change processes in a person. The fairy tale is about King Archibald, who is annoyed about his stupid subjects and about his third wife leaving him. He has heard that there are smart subjects in a faraway kingdom and sets out to learn from that King. Upon arriving, he finds that everything is indeed better here. The subjects are happy to do their work, are relaxed in addressing their questions to the King, and at no time show fear of him, but are in friendly, even personal contact with their King. To Archibald's dismay, he learns from Frederic that it is not the subjects who are to blame, but that he himself must change. And to make matters worse, is it not Frederic who teaches him how to improve his kingdom, as he had hoped and which he would find appropriate, but these little colorful creatures that no one has ever seen.... Frederic tells him how he met these beings, the Gefühlsmonsters, and how they have contributed to the fact that he is now a happy King with a wonderful Queen at his side. Archibald meets these creatures, in Frederic's garden, and in the beginning keeps running away because he is scared of what will happen to him when they show up. For him, there are only royal feelings, and they have nothing to do with what the little colorful creatures trigger in him. With the support of Frederic, he gradually gets to know his own feelings and is no longer afraid of them. To his delight, over time his subjects behave differently, he experiences his first successes, and also setbacks when fear takes hold of him again and anger arises over this arduous and difficult path he has taken. Fortunately, he then always finds understanding from Frederic, who does not judge Archibald but shows understanding for his complaints and kindly and persistently encourages him to continue on this path. Over time, the two become good friends, Archibald lives happily in his realm and can visit Frederic again whenever he needs support.
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