Elena Collins

The Daughter of the Fens - The BRAND NEW utterly heartbreaking and unforgettable timeslip novel from Elena Collins, author of The Witch's Tree, for 2023

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'Very highly recommended.' Louise Douglas AD 61 Brittania is in the hands of the Romans but when the conquering army betray the dead King Prasutagus by defiling his daughters, his Queen, Boudicca, is determined to regain her land. Iceni slave Brea remembers little of the time before the Romans, and has grown used to their louche and indulgent customs. She diligently goes about her duties looking after the artless Aurelia, wife-to-be of the handsome war hero Marcellus, but her longing for freedom and her desire to find her lost father, are never far from her mind. Present Day When Hanna returns to Norfolk from years working abroad, the strange dreams of her adolescence return: indistinct figures in tunics, mighty soldiers in armour, gladiators, temples, an Iceni warrior woman leading her people. Gradually Hanna's dreams begin to slip into the present as visions in the famous mists rolling across the fens, and as shocks of recognition when a new face moves to her childhood home. As Hanna realises that she has a connection with a tragedy that occurred many years before, so Brea has to understand that her fate is bound up with her Roman master. And as the drumbeat of rebellion gets ever closer Brea must make the fatal choice between love and loyalty while Hanna has to find a way to make peace with the past. USA Today bestselling author Judy Leigh writing as Elena Collins, brings you this heart-breaking and unforgettable timeslip novel, perfect for fans of Barbara Erskine, Diana Gabaldon and Louise Douglas. Praise for Elena Collins: 'Very highly recommended.' Louise Douglas 'The Lady of The Loch held me spellbound from the first page to the last. With two storylines beautifully woven together to create a seamless tale of love, loss, betrayal and, above all, hope, it's a must-read. Collins's detailed knowledge of the period trickles through the tale wrapping the reader in a vivid shifting world as it moves between the 14th century and present day. Cleverly researched and exquisitely written, The Lady of The Loch is a timeless story of hope, family and love. I loved it.' Alexandra Walsh What readers are saying about Elena Collins: 'Loved this book, didn't want it to end well worth 5 stars. I will definitely read more books by this author. I love the duel story line and this author writes a lot like my other favorite author Barbara Erskine.' 'I really enjoyed The Witches Tree also written by Elena Collins ... and The Lady of the Loch was just simply amazing! The characters will stay with me for a long time..and that's a sign of a great book!' 'This was fabulous, I couldn't put it down, read in two days and was so sorry that I'd finished it! Loved her first book but this was something else, I was totally gripped, beautiful story and I actually felt like I was back in 1307, best book I've read in a long time, hope I don't have to wait too long for the next one.' 'This was such an evocative and atmospheric story, it was truly engrossing to the point that on a very sleepless night I ended up reading until 4am to finish the book, because I was thinking about it so much! I loved being whisked away to Scotland in 1307, and enjoyed the way the story came full circle in the present day.'
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