Lindsey Hutchinson

The Bad Penny - A BRAND NEW gritty, heart-wrenching historical saga from Lindsey Hutchinson for 2023

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If you're born with nothing you have to make your own luck. When Jared Johnson first meets Clarice Connaught he saves her from the hands of her father, who is brutally beating her in the street. Never one to walk past someone in distress, Jared doesn't hesitate to help. But who is this girl and what is her story?Jared Johnson started with nothing. At just twelve-years-old he was orphaned and homeless, but eight years later, Jared is a success. Running McGuire's Rag & Bone Yard and surrounded by friends, all Jared needs now is to find the perfect girl to settle down with. Nothing has come easy for Clarice but still she has dreams of a grander life and the finer things. And if her father isn't willing to provide them then Clarice will do anything to find someone who is. Jared and Clarice have one thing in common - they are survivors - and in Queen Victoria's Birmingham you need your wits about you to keep the wolf from the door. But Clarice isn't everything she seems, and like a bad penny that always shows up, she brings more trouble for Jared and his friends than they could ever have imagined...Lindsey Hutchinson, the top 10 bestseller, Queen of the Black Country Saga, is back with a page-turning and heart-warming story perfect fans of Katie Flynn, Val Wood and Lyn Andrews. What readers are saying about Lindsey Hutchinson: 'I have read most if not all of Lindsey Hutchinson's books having read a lot of her mother's as well. She is a super storyteller and seems to be able to write about a multitude of subjects and obviously does a lot of research into her books.' 'I loved this book, such a heart-warming read to the end.' 'The Ragged Orphan was a consuming read that brought history to life under the masterful pen of Lindsey Hutchinson.' 'This book will make you cry in places and laugh in others and like me once you finish a chapter you will want to just hurry on to the next chapter to discover more about Jared and the other characters.' 'Such a cosy book that is gently and easy to read but will keep you wanting to go back to it.' 'Absolutely loved it I couldn't put it down great story great characters ad tears in my eyes at times really enjoyed it.'
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