Evangeline Anderson

Kindred Tales - Book 49 - Shared by the Monstrum

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Mirabella is running for her life when two huge, muscular alien warriors come to guard her. Will she lose her heart when she is...Shared by the Monstrum? Mirabella is a reluctant ruler-she never asked to be the Ruling Member of the Sacred Seven-the governing body of Opulex. But things get much worse when all the other members of the Sacred Seven are murdered by a ruthless serial killer. Miri goes into hiding but help is on the way in the form of two huge, muscular Monstrum warriors who vow to guard her with their lives. Saxon and Lynx are Monstrum Shifters. They can appear humanoid or Shift partially or fully into huge beast-like predators. The two have a special bond they formed as boys which enables them to be more effective warriors. However, it also means they have to share a mate...in every way. A past mating with the woman they both loved ended in tragedy, which caused them to put their hearts on a shelf and vow never to love again. Miri feels an instant attraction to both the big Monstrum and they want her too, but the past stands in the way of their happiness. In the meantime, they have sworn to protect her no matter what. But when Miri's fate takes her to visit the Oracle at Delphi Prime, their relationship is turned on its head. For on this strange planet, every male is required to have a "sex pet." When Miri pretends to "belong" to the two Monstrum warriors, will she lose her heart? You'll have to read this hot ménage, MFM, "touch her and die," bodyguard trope novel, Shared by the Monstrum to find out!
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