Maurice Leblanc

The Confessions of Arsene Lupin

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The Confessions of Arsene Lupin by Maurice Leblanc - In this collection of ten stories, master of disguise and gentleman thief par excellence Arsène Lupin never fails to dazzle, charm, and amuse while outwitting the dogged Detective Ganimard, policemen, and criminals time and time again. Although he had yet to experience the adventures to come in The Hollow Needle and 813, Lupin was nevertheless already famous when these stories unfold for "making his daily effort, doing evil from day to day and doing a little good as well, naturally and for the love of the thing." Leave it to Lupin to unwind the mysteries of murders, misdeeds, greedy schemes, and strange events, while spinning some mysteries of his own. Lupin has been depicted in countless film and stage adaptions, most recently as the inspiration of the Netflix series, Lupin, starring Omar Sy. This Warbler Classics edition includes a detailed chronology of Leblanc's life and work. Maurice Leblanc (1864-1947) was a French writer best known for creating the fictional character Arsène Lupin. Lupin's first appearance in Je sais tout, a French periodical, heralded the arrival of the most captivating crook of the literary world. Leblanc would go on to feature his masterful thief in novels and short stories for the next thirty years. This early work by Maurice Leblanc was originally published in 1913 and we are now republishing it with a brand new introductory biography. "The Confessions of Arsene Lupin" is a collection of nine stories - or confessions - of the celebrated gentleman thief Arsene Lupin. Maurice Marie Emile Leblanc was born on 11th November 1864 in Rouen, Normandy, France. He was a novelist and writer of short stories, known primarily as the creator of the fictional gentleman thief and detective, Arsene Lupin. Leblanc spent his early education at the Lycee Pierre Corneille (in Rouen), and after studying in several countries and dropping out of law school, he settled in Paris and began to write fiction. From the start, Leblanc wrote both short crime stories and longer novels - and his lengthier tomes, heavily influenced by writers such as Flaubert and Maupassant, were critically admired, but met with little commercial success. Collection of ten stories: 1 - Two Hundred Thousand Francs Reward! 2 - The Wedding-Ring 3 - The Sign of the Shadow 4 - The Infernal Trap 5 - The Red Silk Scarf 6 - Shadowed by Death 7 - A Tragedy in the Forest of Morgues 8 - Lupin's Marriage 9 - The Invisible Prisoner 10 - Edith Swan-Neck
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