Ellen Barksdale

Tea? Coffee? Murder! - Episode 3 - Blue Poodle Blues

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Scandal at the dog show! Sir Theodore's three king poodles - until now the undisputed champions - have been dyed blue! Sir Theodore accuses the organiser Mason Mayfield of being the culprit. When Mayfield is found murdered a short time later, Sir Theodore is the prime suspect. But Nathalie is firmly convinced of his innocence and, together with Louise and the poodles, she sets out to uncover the real murderer. About the series: There was nothing in the will about this... Cottages, English roses and rolling hills: that's Earlsraven. In the middle of it all: the "Black Feather". Not only does young Nathalie Ames unexpectedly inherit this cosy inn from her aunt, she also falls heir to her aunt's secret double life! She solved criminal cases together with her cook Louise, a former agent of the British Crown. And while Nathalie is still trying to warm up to the quirky villagers, she discovers that sleuthing runs in the family. About the author: Ellen Barksdale was born in the English seaside resort of Brighton, where her parents ran a small boarding house. From childhood she was a bookworm, and from a young age was interested in crime novels. Her first experience of crime fiction was with the Maigret novels by Georges Simenon. After years of reading crime fiction, she recently decided to take up writing herself. "Tea? Coffee? Murder!" is her first mystery series. The author lives near Swansea with her partner Ian and their three mongrels Billy, Bobby and Libby.
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