Jane Lovering

The Recipe for Happiness - A BRAND NEW uplifting romance from award-winning Jane Lovering for summer 2023

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'Beautifully written and both heartbreaking and heartwarming' Jessica Redland When Seren's brother Andrew signs her up to Yorkshire Dating, only for them to recommend that she 'gets a life' before they find her a match, Seren has to admit that they may have a point. She loves her job cooking at an elder day centre and her little flat, but it's fair to say her life is a little short of hobbies and friends. Since she was young Seren has felt safer close to home, but now she's a thirty-something divorcee, it's time for a change. Change arrives in the shape of alarmingly clever collie Kez, who Seren offers to take in 'temporarily', and kind but mysterious new colleague Ned. But as Ned and Kez tempt Seren out of her shell, it means facing her fears. And when Andrew finally reveals the secrets of their childhood, Seren's need for safety suddenly makes sense. A problem shared is a problem halved, and with friends by her side, Seren might be able to get a life that she loves at last. Praise for Jane Lovering: 'I adored the dual timeline aspect of this gorgeous story and discovering the secrets from the past. Beautifully written and both heartbreaking and heartwarming' Jessica Redland 'A funny, warm-hearted read, filled with characters you'll love.' Matt Dunn on A Country Escape What readers are saying about Jane Lovering: 'A heart-warming, entertaining and uplifting book about the importance of human connection, self-acceptance and making the most of any opportunities that come your way! I absolutely loved it and could not fault it.' 'I am a big fan of Jane Lovering's books. She has a real knack for creating great characters and writing the perfect blend of romance and humour often with some more serious issues included. Her books will make you smile for sure but are also often rather emotional.' 'It wouldn't be a book by Jane Lovering without that great balance between the ever-present humour - the set pieces and the wonderful one-liners - and the sensitively handled issues and emotional moments.' 'A compulsively readable, highly recommended book.'
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