Lizzie Lane

The Strong Trilogy - Book 3 - Secrets of the Past

The Strong family has survived against all odds, but their greatest test is still to come.After a seemingly endless labour, Horatia Strong is delighted to announce that she's given her husband, Tom, a much-needed son and heir to the entire Strong fortune. But the birth of the child is soon shrouded in secrets and Horatia will do anything to keep the truth from her husband - it could destroy the Strong family completely. Tom's enduring love for Blanche is still as deep as ever, but his marriage to Horatia is the only thing keeping the Strong family - and his new baby son - from destitution. Can he really risk their safety for passion? But, Horatia's jealousy knows no bounds and she is not prepared to play second fiddle to anyone, especially Blanche and is determined to hold onto Tom. Locked in a powerful emotional love triangle, will Tom stand by his wife as her mistakes of the past come to light or will his anger outweigh anything he ever felt for both her and the Strong family and ruin everything they have? Perfect for fans of Dinah Jefferies and Fiona Valpy. Previously published as 'Forgotten Faces' by Jeannie Johnson and 'Return to Paradise' by Erica Brown . Don't miss the rest of the Strong Family Sagas: 1. Daughter of Destiny 2. The Sugar Merchant's Wife 3. Secrets of the Past
9 hours 49 minutes
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