Denise Loga

Connect yourself!

Connect yourself! And create a meaningful and happy life is a self-help book for personal development and leadership training. Denise Loga addresses people who want to change their lives for the better, who are restless or unsatisfied in their current situation or lack something. She charmingly invites us to leave our comfort zones by asking the right questions for establishing a happier, more purposeful life despite all existing limitations. With a compassionate yet pragmatic approach, the author reflects on the big questions of life, such as What do I really want? How do I want to live? What impact do I want to create? In addition to sharing some aspects of her own rollercoaster ride in life, she - as a consultant and mentor - did an over 10-years long deep dive into the hearts and minds of people and organisations. During this time, Denise Loga discovered many common denominators for the emotional and rational wellbeing of humans. She elaborated on and turned them into easily applicable tools.Those tools are provided in this book for direct self-coaching experiences and valuable guidance to better connect to oneself and to the surrounding world - one decisive key for understanding life.
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